Your Time. Your Life.

We're not getting any younger.


We’ve all been there.  That moment you could be working towards your goals - but you’ve been scrolling down Facebook for 15 minutes.  Questr is here for you - a way to convert procrastination into progress.  With a single click, you remind yourself of your goals, and how much time has passed - and most importantly - that there’s still opportunity.


The Clock

Time visually progresses, so you can see how much time remains in a day and throughout the year. When the circle completes, the year is up! 365 days can go by pretty fast, so the clock is a subtle reminder to how long you've been procrastinating. 


The List

Standard list stuff here. Add, delete and complete! We didn't over-complicate it.


Your Profile

View your profile for a reminder of all your accomplishments. You're the best. :)